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Apr 16, 2013 2:30pm PDT
percent tax. investment partnership -- partnership can come. >> qatar is pouring euros into infrastructure projects such as new roads and underwater roadway systems. it has been set aside for a new city to help host that world cup finals. the soccer event is the driving force behind much of the construction growth. you can expect competition from companies hoping to get in on this action. >> government in -- government are asking them to post all their personal assets online. it is taking the definition of public service too far. >> it is part of the bid for more transparency. the records posted online on monday make for some interesting reading. >> and for some sharp barbs from commentators, especially socialist leaders like the former budget leader who was found squirreling away his public pay in a secret swiss account. >> it was journalists at the online newspaper who set the ball rolling when they broke the story about the budget minister's tax fraud. now his former colleagues have had to bear all about their peronal wealth from real estate to cars and works of art into jewelry and wat
Apr 16, 2013 7:00am EDT
my income taxes, do you guys say you can pay off a little at a time and then pay the rest of over a long time without being penalized? that is garbage. host: congress man? guest: there's a provision, if i'm not mistaken, if there are back taxes due, the people beyond $2,000 that is the feet that is being required in order to help pay for the processing of individuals, that will also be demanded as well. two-sided sort. -- sword. many of these undocumented workers in various industries in this country pay into a great deal of federal taxes, whether it is deducted for their payroll for social security, fica, etc., with no opportunity of ever retrieving or utilizing that tax, because they are prohibited from taking any federal program. also, one of the areas in which there will be some consternation is the fact that even though they have a work visa and are working toward a permanent status, all public benefits will be denied to 11 million people that qualify for this program. host: on twitter -- guest: yes, and parts of the criteria is going to be exactly that. your background. crimin
Apr 16, 2013 2:00pm PDT
pentagon budget offensive, but i still pay my taxes. well, pardon me. and i'll tell you, gentle folk, if you seek the evidence, you won't have far to look for the devil and his legions are all around you. you need look no further than your neighborho movie screen. you need look no furer than the latest magazine. you need look no further than that television set that you're lookin' at right now to s him, to see tt master showman, the one who dazzles your eyes while he blackens your soul. and who am i talkin' about? well, i think you know. i'm talkin' aboutthe antich. i'm talkin' about beelzebub. that's right, brothers and sisters. i'm talkin' about satan himself who appears before you in all his carnal guise and tempts you. that's right, dear. and i'm sure you know what i mean. when my son first married you, he hadn't yet found the lord. but no, nor the reverend tarbrush either. now that he has found them both, it is only right and proper that you should follow in his footsteps. you could exercise some restraint in your dress and in your speech. and that goes for the children too
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3